Health checks are a vital part of any organisations health & wellbeing strategy, improving morale, reducing absenteeism, and improving productivity. We can help you improve employee well-being with our range of affordable and flexible health screening packages.

We offer you bespoke health screening packages to suit your budget.

  • Quick – results are given during the appointments
  • Simple – no need to leave the office.
  • Affordable -from £10 ONLY

Our health checks are conducted in the workplace (in a private meeting room) by our health professionals making the appointments convenient and cost-effective.

Many employees are relieved they have an opportunity to have an MOT without having to take time away from the office – they may be healthy/unhealthy but how do they know? Companies and businesses of all sizes have realised that they need to encourage and promote healthy lifestyle choices to their employees. But they can be at a loss when it comes to how to approach this.

With our range of services, an employee health check is only a phone call away. Even better, on-site health screening is not only cost effective but simple and easy to organise.

Our Services include:

• Full Body Composition Screen
• Blood Pressure Check
• Lifestyle Advice
• Lung Age
• Oximeter
• Cholesterol
• Blood Glucose
• Heart Rhythm
• Detailed Results Report
• Referral if required
• Lung Age Test
• Blood Glucose (Diabetic) Test
• Full / Basic Cholesterol Test
• Omega 3 Test
• Allergy Test