Private Blood Tests

Learn about your long term health

Weight management screening

Boost your fitness + energy levels

Track & Improve Your Health Through Your Blood Tests

  • Allergy Test
  • Wellwoman Test
  • Wellman Test
  • Testosterone Test
  • Ultimate Performance Test
  • Diabetes Check
  • Cholesterol Check
  • Liver Function Check
  • Kidney Function Check
  • Prostate Test
  • Ovarian Test
  • Covid 19 Anti-body Testing
  • Pregnancy blood test
  • ABO test
  • Vitamin and Nutrition Blood Tests

Sports Blood Tests

Top athletes use to fine-tune their performance

Measure important markers for sports performance

Screen your health

  • Liver / Kidney Function Test
  • Hormone Performance Test
  • Fitness Profiles Test
  • Testosterone Test
  • Ultimate Performance Test

GP referral if required